You don't
have to floss
all of your
teeth. Just
the ones you
want to keep

Are you sitting comfortably? You will be in our dental chair.

At Milk we understand that for some, a trip to the dentist can be stressful. So we've created an environment that does everything to put you at ease. We have a garden, so (weather permitting) you can chill outside and get some air. We have taken special care to ensure that our whole approach is one that leaves you feeling relaxed and reassured. Many of our patients actually say that they leave our studio feeling happier and more relaxed than when they arrived.

Don't just take out word for it, listen to what our patients have to say...

"Thank you so much for sorting out my teeth and taking the fear out of going to the dentist!"

"Thank you for all your time and effort and for giving me the smile I've always wanted! Many thanks x "

"Thank you for your perfect advice, I'm so happy with my smile."

"Mummy when can we come back to the dentist again?" (Patient aged 6)